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Issue 1 (August 2011): Histories





Contemporary Cinema? Joe McElhaney

Innuendo 1.5 William D. Routt
Expressing the In-Between Andrew Klevan
Ah Yes! Griffith was a Marxist! Luc Moullet
WR: Mysteries of the Organism: Anarchist Realism and Critical Quandaries Richard Porton

Fiction and the 'Unrepresentable': All Movies are but Variants on the Silent Film Shigehiko Hasumi
Out of the Mid-Century: History, Memory and Cinema Sylvia Lawson
'So, Did You See Me?': Testimony, Memory and Re-Making Film History Stephen Goddard

In My Time of Dying: The Premature Death of a Film Classic Darren Tofts
Dinosaurs, Babies and the Sound of Music Adrian Martin

The Streets: Breaking out of the Black Box/White Cube in Rotterdam Justine Grace
F.J. Ossang: The Grand Insurrectionary Style Nicole Brenez
Stuck in the Mud: The Visions of Lucrecia Martel James Guida
Think But This ... 36 vues du Pic St-Loup David Phelps

At the End of Cinema, This Thing Called Film Elena Gorfinkel

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