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Issue 7 (November 2016): Ages


photo: Tomoo Karube




Two Dollar Movie: Introduction

Two Dollar Movie, Part 1

Compulsion to Repeat: Max Ophüls’s Lola Montès Laura Mulvey
In Media Resistant: Tony Conrad (1940–2016)  Yusef Sayed

Source Hunting in a Dreamscape Susan Felleman

James Gray A-Z Girish Shambu
Two Ways of Filming a Crisis: Brazilian Political Cinema Today Stefan Solomon

Two Dollar Movie, Part 2

Shigehiko Hasumi – A Tribute

Introductory Note
Three Hours with Professor Hasumi on a Train, in Japan Pedro Costa
On Hasumi Richard I. Suchenski
Given to See: A Tribute to Shigehiko Hasumi Adrian Martin
The Critical Event of Director Ozu Yasujiro Chris Fujiwara
Countering Errors in the Age of Discovery: On the International Critical Assessment of Mikio Naruse Shigehiko Hasumi

Two Dollar Movie, Part 3

Notes on Contributors

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