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Issue 6 (December 2015): Distances





To Program is to Write Film History Peter von Bagh

Bette Davis: None But the Lonely Heart Murielle Joudet
Bits of Business: The American Films of Max Ophüls Joe McElhaney
Black Skin, White Light James Harvey-Davitt
Writing the Cinema Experience: The Film Review Tom O’Regan and Huw Walmsley-Evans
Thinking with the Camera, from Astruc to Stiegler Sam Ishii-Gonzales
Recent Spanish Cinema at the XII Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla 2015 Adrian Martin

Montage-at-a-Distance, or: A Theory of Distance Artavazd Pelechian
Fragments of Dirk Lauwaert

‘The Child That I Was’: Knight of Cups Pierre Berthomieu
Wang Bing’s ‘Til Madness Do Us Part: An Apprenticeship in Seeing Joseph Mai
Interplay: (Re)Finding and (Re)Framing Cinematic Experience, Film Space, and the Child’s World Catherine Grant
Choose Me: The Smell of Us Cristina Álvarez López
Notes on Eden Sarinah Masukor
Youth (Tom Shoval, 2013) Adrian Martin

Introduction to ‘Nouvelle Vague Manifesto’ Aaron Gerow
Nouvelle Vague Manifesto; or, How I Became a Disciple of Philippe Garrel Aoyama Shinji

The Broken Trilogy: Jacques Rivette’s Phantoms Adrian Martin

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